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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to regular life

Mom starting doing so well, I forgot to post anything. She tolerated her treatment well and was able to complete it by mid June. For the first few weeks after the chemo and radiation ended, she was not feeling well. This was to be expected according to Dr. Whisenant. Eventually, her strength came back as did her energy. She now has more energy and feels better than she has since this whole ordeal began.
She had a CT scan at the beginning of this month. The tumor is considerably smaller (which she already knew because the pain was gone). With this news, her doctors are just going to wait and see how things go. They are hoping not to do surgery. She will have another scan the first part of November. That scan will test for cancer as well as measure the size of the tumor. They are in hopes that it will be smaller or at least not any bigger and of course, not have any cancer left.
Other great news, her last check up showed she had, in fact, gained 7 pounds! This is a big accomplishment. She has had such a difficult time getting the nutrients and calories she needs. Instructing her body on how to digest her food worked really well. She only had to concentrate on it for a couple of weeks. Now it does it on it's own. She still has to eat smaller portions, but it isn't such a chore.
So, life is back to normal. Both mom and dad are working at the Draper temple several days a week, If you're friends with them on face book, you may have noticed the pictures of them remodeling the house. They are doing most of it by themselves! It's a big project, but they're doing great.

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Thanks for the loads of good news!